Attention FLootball Fans.
Leagues for the 2016 season will be offline until further notice. Please feel free to still register your account as we will be able to keep you better informed of future events.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope to have you all back soon.

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 Free to Play + many league options...
 Live Scoring, drafting, trades & more...
 Real players & stats + loot based bonuses...

Challenge your friends, family, and co-workers in this exciting new twist on fantasy football. Get Started.

Earn, Save, & Spend Your Gold

Big plays and final game stats lead to gold drops you can spend on gear.

Trade Both Gear & Athletes to Other Players

Trade players with traditional fantasy trade settings & swap gear as well.

Customize All Your Athletes

Buy and loot Hundreds of rare, epic, and legendary items to bolster players.

Equip & Bank Your Gear For Different Matchups

Have a tough matchup? Swap out your gear to get the fantasy edge you need.

Real Fantasy Football Gameplay

All player scoring is still based on actual scoring and stats with custom options.

Watch the Live Scoring Results in Real Time

Our live scoring gives you the play by play fantasy scores you crave.

THE NEW AND IMPROVED WAY TO PLAY FANTASY FOOTBALL!™ is traditional season long fantasy football with an added twist. That twist is a “gamer style” element that we simply call “LOOT”, which allows owners to upgrade their individual fantasy players with fantasy score enhancing items. Interested? Then Stay awhile and listen…

Our head to head based fantasy leagues are easy to jump right into, as our core is built atop the same fantasy football features so many have come to love. But our “Loot” based gameplay mechanic is what sets us apart. Your team is rewarded with a “Loot Drop” of fantasy score enhancing jerseys, helmets, gloves, cleats and pants when your fantasy players make big plays during their games. These items can then be equipped on each of your fantasy players to boost their fantasy score outputs the following week. 

For instance, a rare helmet might give your running back 20% more fantasy points per rushing touchdown they score. A pair of gloves might give 35% more fantasy points per 10 yards receiving. Each of your fantasy players can be equipped with up to 5 of these stat super-charging items. As team owner, it’s up to you to decide which players should be equipped with what Loot to maximize your team’s score each week. With over 100 rare and legendary items to collect over the course of the fantasy season, the strategic possibilities are endless... Wanna learn more about Fantasy FLootball? 

Learn How it Works and check out About FLootball. Ready to get started? Sign up is fast, free, and easy. Get Started.